Spring time in Cottage country in northern Ontario.

According to a resident on the lake the birds were shivering and the temperature was minus 13 degrees C. He is getting the sled out once again.There is the possibility of flooding once the snow melts.

Larry Braid's photo.
Larry Braid's photo.
Larry Braid's photo.
Larry Braid's photo.
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Christmas is coming–oops I mean Easter

When I woke up this morning , I couldn’t believe my eyes. White stuff covered everything and white stuff was falling from the sky. I have to admit I found it quite beautiful and for me this spectacular sight was a novelty. I don’t admit this to too many people. We spent the winter in Florida, so for me this was the first snowfall of the season. Hopefully the snow won’t stick around too long and the Easter Bunny won’t have to deal with hiding eggs in the snow.For those who celebrate Easter- enjoy the holiday with your loved ones.

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Before you judge, hear me out. I started playing Candy Crush in August –a rather mindless and addictive on line game. I vowed out of principle that I would never, ever pay money to advance to a new level. I was stuck on level 121 on and off for 3 months. The offs were the times when I decided to give up on Candy Crush, but somehow I eventually always come back to it.

Level i21 challenges you to reach the target of 75,000 in just 90 seconds while at the same time making it necessary to  detonate the bombs before they detonate you. Ninety seconds is not very much time to reach the goal especially if ones fingers and brain has slowed down, as I am sure mine have or -maybe they were always in  slow mode. I sometimes came close to completing the game but I was not quite good enough. Late last night when I couldn’t sleep I grabbed my  I Pad  and clicked on candy crush level 121. No bombs exploded and when the time was up, I was just under 100 points short of the target. I was given a choice to end the game or continue playing . To continue playing I  had to purchase an extra 15 seconds of time for  $.99. Maybe it was the lateness of the hour or that I was in a “What the heck Mood” but I succumbed and purchased the extra few seconds. Success! I completed the game and advanced to the next frustrating level. Will I  ever succumb to temptation again? NO NEVER–well never is a long time so maybe,- actually probably but don’t tell anybody.

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Still winter in Northern Ontario- Just ask the dog, as he gets ready to turn the white snow yellow

Jeff Kippel's photo.
Jeff Kippel's photo.
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Every year  since we have been snowbirds, I go into high stress mode two weeks before our planned departure back to reality. My husband D. knows to try to avoid me and if I ask him a question he knows to answer “Yes dear, whatever you think dear”.

It is just that there is so much to think about and so much to do and there is never enough time. Spring cleaning to do  before  we leave Florida–Spring cleaning to do  when we arrive in Toronto. —Hmm –Spring is obviously delayed this year so maybe I should also delay spring cleaning- maybe I will wait until next spring to clean both here and there.  Yes! I feel less stressed already.

However, the fridge and freezer have to be cleaned .What should be done with the  left over perishables? Most of our neighbours are snowbirds and don’t want our stuff. They are trying to get rid of their own leftover stuff.

Then there is the packing and decisions to make –What clothes to take and what clothes to leave here for next year?  And what should I do about all the clothes left here for  years that I haven’t worn, because either they don’t fit or they are out of style? I will probably do what I do every year, hang them back up because who knows maybe in a year they will be fashionable once again, and/or I will be a little thinner.

We are no longer spring chickens and I wonder every year who will help us load the car. Every year I wonder how we can fit all our belongings into one automobile. Every year we do. We just know that when we open the trunk it will be like a minor explosion and all our compressed stuff will jump out at whoever opens the trunk. Custom officers be ware.

This year we had to find someone to check on our condo while we will be away. Unfortunately our dear neighbour who kept an eye on things for us passed away a couple of months ago.

Despite the headaches, we are thankful to be snowbirds. We empathize with our family and friends who had to endure this horrendous winter. Maybe one day they will be snowbirds too.

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Birthdays and growing older

In a couple of days I  will be another year older. Last year was a vey traumatic birthday for me. I turned sixty – ten. I was in denial. This year I am slightly more mature and I will admit to the fact that I will be seventy one { YIKES}. I suspect I will be able to deal with the next nine birthdays, but the tenth birthday when I will be sixty – twenty I will probably have a depressing day. I  know, I know I should be grateful for each and every year. I am- but I wish the body and the face wouldn’t age so quickly. I sometimes creak when I walk and when I look in the mirror I see my mother and wonder when she got so old. In spirit I feel younger than my youngest child.

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I think my husband and I had to be two of the last people to see 12 Years a Slave. Why? Because D. likes an uplifting movie. This was definitely not an uplifting movie. D. also said he already knew the story and how it ended. I was going to make arrangements to either go by myself or tag along with friends, when out of the blue D said “ Do you want to see 12 Years a Slave Tonight?  Not to appear too anxious I said “Well maybe. Let me think about it.”

We did see the movie and D. had to admit the movie was well done the acting superb, and deserving of  the Academy Award for best picture

Hopefully I can convince him to see some of the other nominated  movies that we missed.

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