Another “Why Me Lord ” day

Those of you who read “Why Me”know that when things go wrong my husbands expression is “Why Me Lord”. He repeated those words several times yesterday. 

Let me  fill you in with the details leading up to this stress filled day.  My Hubby  Daniel {as he is known in my memoirs}  has been on a life saving heart medication  from the time he was admitted through  emergency to South Lake Hospital in  Newmarket–  after his  implanted  defibrillator activated. This horrendous event happened nearly two years ago In the lake by the cottage while he was waterskiing. Doctors had said he was able to waterski.  He received his first shock  after he dropped into the water and was about to climb into the boat. We pulled him in and it was a shocking experience in more ways than one,  for all of us who where in the boat. The defibrillator delivered nine more jolts which we all felt. After the 7th shock , Daniel passed out. I was sure we had lost him for ever. Thankfully the defibrillator brought him back to the land of the living.

      About ten years ago he was put on  the medication of choice to control racing hearts. However this medication partially destroyed his lungs and he could no longer take it. After the shocking incident something had to be found to prevent his heart from beating out of control. After much deliberation the doctors at South lake in conjunction with our beloved cardiologist who is affiliated with a Toronto hospital decided to put him on a medication that we were told could only be distributed through South Lake Health Centre. This miracle drug works well for Dan. Things went smoothly until a few months ago. Every three months the drug was sent to us. Then all of a sudden they said only a months supply could be issued at a time. We would receive the meds just a day or two before his previous months medication ran out. Three days ago we heard from the health centre stating that they would no longer dispense the drug to us unless we were seen by the cardiologist in charge at their hospital. They booked us an apointment for Thursday even though we told them that Dan had recently been seen by our cardiologist and that we had an apointment for Wednesday {yesterday} at Sunnybrook hospital at the arrhythmia clinic for his regular checkup .The nurse for the South Lake Cardiologist called us back and said they were cancelling Dans apointment and faxing a note to the Arrhythmia clinic at Sunnybrook to enable them to manage and dispense his medication. We spent almost 5 hours there. After the device was checked we had to wait for the cardiologist who was on call to finish his rounds to talk to us.   He told us that he didn’t think that he could do anything and if he could it would take months to get it arranged. I panicked . They had cancelled Dans appointment at SouthLake hospital and as luck would have it, our cardiologist is out of the country until September.

  The Sunnybrook doctor told us -and this was collaborated by a pharmacist friend of mine -that this drug is not an approved drug in Canada and is on a special access program. This drug is in abundant supply in the U.S. and this is where the Canadian government gets their supply. According to the Sunnybrook  doctor he has five patients waiting to be put on this miracle drug, but it will probably be years before any of them will be approved. {They should live so long} However once a patient is approved for the drug they can not be bumped from the program. We just have to figure out how to get it. Hopefully things will work out. We spoke to South lake again and they will send out this months supply and they promised to contact Sunnybrook and work something out between the two hospitals for the future.

Ohip is short of money and the government is trying to cut costs.Many patients are suffering not only with this medication but cuts with other prescriptions as well. I do not know what the answer is but it is upsetting.



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EP Snider’s dream came to fruition when she published a book at age 69. She continues to share her thoughts and stories with a humorous twist on Wordpress and Facebook.
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