long weekend at the cottage

In most of Canada the first Monday in August is celebrated as a national holiday. If we  had stayed in Toronto we would have celebrated Simcoe day in honour of Lord Simcoe who was the first Lieutenant-Governor of Canada. However different parts of Canada have a variety of names for this day. The rest of Ontarians  refer to it as the Civic  Holiday   or more usually just the long August weekend. No matter what it is called it is an extra day off for those who work and an extra day at the cottage for those who are cottagers.

My husband and I are retired and we had the luxury of driving to our cottage destination a day early, hopefully to avoid the bumper to bumper  north bound  traffic. It didn’t work because much of  the highway was under construction and traffic was bumper to bumper. In Barrie we stopped for our usual Cosco grocery shopping spree and pit stop.  After lunching on the free samples we loaded our car and once again joined the bumper to bumper traffic. Upon our arrival at the cottage we were greeted by our daughter, Heather and son in law Neil  who  are presently living there and loving it. Their dogs – there used to be three but now there are only two-are also presently  living there  and loving it. They, the dogs, were happy to see us and in their excitement gave us too many wet kisses and almost knocked us down. Our daughter, and son in law  unpacked our car and helped put things away. There are benefits to being seniors.

Late that night the first load of Toronto  offspring, arrived– our youngest daughter, with her husband two rambunctious young sons and their city dog Chairman Kaga, who is named for a well known chef. His owners, our daughter  Beth and our son in law, Adam, are gourmet cooks and foodies and they are the first to admit to being food snobs. This became an eating weekend–fresh baked cottage bread or made from scratch bagels  every morning, to go along with the fresh brewed coffee, frittatas or the egg dish of the day. There were venture snacks { a term used by my son in law} throughout the day and a delicious barbecued dinner at night complete with side dishes and sauces and numerous dishes, pots and pans to be washed and scoured, a small price to pay for the wonderful food prepared for us.

eyeing the bagels

The next day the second carload of family arrived, our son his wife and their two very sweet and quiet little girls. Unfortunately the two and a half year old was feeling a little bit under the weather and did not feel much like socializing  and the baby was content to be held or sit in her seat and smile. Their parents looked on in amazement at the rough and non stop active play of their two nephews. The soon to be five year old loves the cottage and the almost 16 month old loves to try and keep up with his brother. He is practicing for the terrible twos and he is not quite yet one hundred percent steady on his feet. He doesn’t realize this and like to move quickly resulting in numerous falls and bumps and scrapes. But he is tough and after a few seconds of his expected loud cry, he is up and running again. The question is “Will the rest of us survive his childhood.?’ This little guy decided to go for a swim off the dock. He was wearing a life jacket of course. The  lake water was coldish and his father really didn’t feel like going in and although the baby was very contented and happy splashing around , his father thought he better go and join him.

Our oldest grand son spent most of the summer as a councillor at an overnight camp. We were delighted when we heard he was going to drive to the cottage for a day and a half especially to water ski. But alas when he had his skis and other equipment on and the spotter and the driver were already seated and the boat engine was turned on, an alarm sounded and smoke billowed out of the back of the watercraft. Thankfully no one was hurt but there was to be no water skiing on the weekend. Our grandson was upset  but the gourmet food and playing with his young cousins helped alleviate his disappointment. We also had to miss the annual regatta that takes place on a small island in the middle of the lake, due to lack  of transportation.

Everything else went  quite smoothly except for barking dogs and the occasional stand off between city dog and his two country cousins. Everyone has left. We stayed on for another day to spend some time with our cottage kids and dogs. It is very quiet and peaceful.  Aahh!

Screen Shot 2013-08-06 at 2

Whoops spoke too soon the power just went out.

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EP Snider’s dream came to fruition when she published a book at age 69. She continues to share her thoughts and stories with a humorous twist on Wordpress and Facebook.
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