Oh No– No Waterskiing for oldest grandson once again.

Our busy 18 year old grandson made a special one day trip to the cottage on the long weekend for a chance to waterski.  {See blog on Long weekend at the cottage} .At that time he was very excited to get started. The boat was turned on, an alarm sounded and smoke billowed out of the boats rear end. That was the end of the waterskiing.

The smoking problem was repaired and all was well with our watercraft or so we thought. A couple of weeks later Grandson arrived at cottage once again hot to trot or should I say hot to waterski. After soaping the back of his heels with liquid dishwashing detergent to enable his fast growing feet to slide easily into the ski boots, putting on his skis, life vest and ski gloves, he was ready. He just had to wait for his uncle – the driver,  his grandfather- the spotter and his soon to be five year old cousin-the assistant spotter and entertainer. Fortunately at the last minute they decided not to let visiting city dog into the boat. They left him howling piteously on the dock, much to our chagrin and I am sure to the chagrin of the other cottagers within hearing distance.

Our skier had no problem getting up on his ski’s and he enjoyed himself immensely for a few minutes. Just as the boat arrived in the middle of the lake, the engine stopped and no amount of coaxing could get it to start again. Those of us back at the cottage received a text message from the skiers uncle, my son in law,  telling us that they were being towed back to the cottage by a party boat owned by someone on the lake.

I am surprised that our oldest grandson still loves to waterski and loves the boat. He has had other misadventures associated with it. A number of years ago he was skiing and intentionally dropped a ski. The dropped ski flew up and hit him in the head causing him to have a slight concussion and necessitating a forty minute drive  to an emergency room to stitch a nasty gash. He was also in the boat when his grandfather suffered a medical emergency.

Once again we will have the ski boat repaired. Summer is at an end and we will probably not have the use of it until next season. I am much more relaxed at the cottage when the boat isn’t in use–but do not tell my family.



About epsnider

EP Snider’s dream came to fruition when she published a book at age 69. She continues to share her thoughts and stories with a humorous twist on Wordpress and Facebook.
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