Baby naming

We had a baby naming ceremony and a small reception following for our youngest granddaughter  at our place of worship. This took place early last Saturday morning.  There are no rules, but typically a baby naming for a girl is done when the baby is a couple of weeks old. Well our baby is 8 months old. The Rabbi looked at the baby and said that she was the biggest newborn he had ever seen.

Time just got away from us and it was difficult to find a day that would enable our entire immediate family to attend. Finally a convenient date was arranged for all. But alas, things don’t often go as planned. My daughter in law’s family reside in Montreal. The plan was that her parents and siblings would take the train from Montreal to Toronto, the evening before the event. Friday night my son received a text message from his in-laws stating  that they were on the train but the train was not going anywhere.  Apparently a freight train was stuck on the tracks just a short distance out of Montreal and their train could not get by. They sat on the train for three agonizing hours. Finally the train turned around and took them back to Montreal. They were devastated not to be able to attend. We were sorry that they had to miss their grand child’s naming but we were relieved  that they were safe. There have been some serious rail disasters lately.

That is not all . Our daughter and son in law who live at the cottage were under the weather and did not come into the city, and our 18 month old grandson contracted some sort of stomach bug the night before and stayed home with his mother. My son and daughter in law arrived a little late with the baby and their two and a half year old. I am not the calmest person { my offspring will attest to that} and I was a little antsy.

However despite the setbacks the morning went well except for a couple of minor skirmishes over seating at the reception. We are so thankful to have had my husbands 90 something aunt in attendance. She lives in a retirement home and practically runs the place.


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EP Snider’s dream came to fruition when she published a book at age 69. She continues to share her thoughts and stories with a humorous twist on Wordpress and Facebook.
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2 Responses to Baby naming

  1. Lovely story, too bad about the mishaps. I love that your husband’s aunt practically runs the retirement home. That made me smile. She sounds like my kind of person. 🙂


  2. epsnider says:

    She is my kind of person also. She performs in a drama and choir group and makes jewellery. She is a real matriarch- 4 children, numerous grand children and great grand children and she still finds the time to keep in touch with her nieces and nephews.


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