TORONTO THE GOOD??–City run by probable crack cocaine addict.

At one time Toronto had the reputation as being one of the safest and cleanest cities.  Now we are catching up to other cities that have the opposite reputation.. and to add salt to the wound our once looked up to city is being run by a mayor who reportedly smokes crack cocaine and hangs out with unsavoury characters, exhibits drunken behaviour  and urinates in public. He has been the subject of ridicule on late night talk shows and is now known world-wide for this fiasco and other issues of poor judgement exhibited by him.

Mayor Rob Ford is handling this matter in the same way  as other politicians and high profile people do who are embroiled in a scandal. The rules are as follows:

Rule number 1:  Deny, deny, deny.

Rule number 2: When you can’t deny anymore–apologize, apologize, apologize–first to family and then to those you are supposed to be leading. It helps if a few tears can be shed.

Rule number 3: Accept full responsibility

Rule number 4 : Pledge to change.

Most eventually resign–but no, not our Mayor Ford. Not only does he refuse to step down, he fully intends to seek reelection as mayor in October. This  fiasco is still unfolding with a video to be released shortly showing Mr. Ford smoking something from a pipe. He refuses to comment on the video until he sees it. I believe him when he says he doesn’t know what is on the video. He was probably too stoned and intoxicated  at the time to remember anything. This man is an addict and desperately needs treatment and to resign his position of leadership.

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EP Snider’s dream came to fruition when she published a book at age 69. She continues to share her thoughts and stories with a humorous twist on Wordpress and Facebook.
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2 Responses to TORONTO THE GOOD??–City run by probable crack cocaine addict.

  1. I drove through Toronto years ago. Unfortunately, I didn’t have time to explore the city much. But it seemed like a beautiful place at that point in time. Sorry to hear things have changed. Other than the beautiful scenery, the thing I remember most about Canada is the people. So very hospitable and friendly. I enjoyed traveling in Canada and wish I could do it again some day.


  2. epsnider says:

    Despite everything Toronto is still a great place to live. We represent many cultures here and a lot of culture- great theatre, concerts, and restaurants and yes most of the people are friendly and nice. If we want to escape the hustle and bustle of city life, cottage country and beautiful northern Ontario is just a short drive away


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