Healthcare Facility, medical billing collection Agency, D and me

Last March my husband and I were in Florida. D visited an emergency room for a non life threatening medical issue. Incidentally he received excellent care. When his treatment was finished and it came time to settle financially with the hospital, a self pay package was chosen. Although we did have out of country insurance our deductible was very large and the paper work for  both us  and the hospital would be formidable. We paid the hospital directly and we were given a statement that indicated we had paid and that there was  a zero balance.

A few weeks later we returned to Toronto Canada, and unfortunately a few weeks after that  D passed away from a sudden  coronary event. In the weeks and months that followed I was dealing with my grief and the unbelievable amount of paper work associated with getting things in order. I barely took note of the bill that came from a medical collection agency Saying D owed just under $500 for the  medical treatment he received. After the second bill arrived I couldn’t ignore it any longer and I called the agency. I gave them the information from the hospital statement I had and they said they would check into it. Two weeks later another bill arrived in the mail. Again I called the agency. This time I spoke to a polite young man who assured me he would contact the hospital and get back to me in a couple of days. He didn’t. Instead another notification arrived stating the balance was my responsibility and to please remit payment in full. These words were highlighted in yellow. An accountant friend of mine told me that it was important to resolve the matter–if not I could get a bad credit rating and my credit cards could be cancelled. What to Do?

I phoned again to the collection agency and spoke to yet another person. Again I told my tale of woe and again they said they would check. I decided not to wait for them to check once again and instead I phoned the hospital.I spoke to a woman at the accounts office. I gave the particulars and she checked and said she had the same information that I had. She said she would send me another copy. I said I didn’t want another copy , but would she please  just confirm that their records  showed we had paid and that there  was a nil balance.She said she couldn’t do that and repeated she would send me  a duplicate statement. I must have started yelling because she hung up on me.I called back and this time a man answered He confirmed that the account was paid in full. I asked if he could call the medical billing company and give them that information. He said “What billing company? “ I gave him the name and he said that he never heard of them. He asked me who hired them. I said that it certainly was not me. He suggested it might be a scam or possibly fraud.

I phoned the collection agency for the umpteenth time and shared the conversation that had transpired between me and the hospital. The employee got quite defensive and said it was the hospital that hired them. She told me to wait on the line.I waited and waited until finally the phone went dead. I called back.The lady gave me heck for not waiting on the line. She said she was calling the head office of the hospital. She put me on the conference call and finally it was confirmed to the  agency that there was no balance owing on the account.  I didn’t get any apologies  but when I asked  if this meant there would be no more bills, she said that is right. We will see.

I would be interested to hear if any other bloggers experienced anything like this. Now that I have written this blog ,I feel like a weight  has been lifted off of my shoulders  and that my blood pressure which probably went sky high from stress has dropped back to normal.

About epsnider

E.P SNIDER is the pen name that I used to publish "WHY ME- a memoir". I used a pen name so as not to embarrass my spouse, my offspring, their offspring, my grand dogs and my friends. A dream came true when I had my first book published at the age of sixty-nine. "WHY ME? "is a collection of memoirs recounted from various stages of my life and the lives of those that I love or like at least some of the time. Most of the incidences are humorous-some are not. I am a senior but I feel more like a junior except for the aches and pains. When I look in the mirror I often see my mother or some other aging lady with wrinkles and sun spots. The amount and depth of wrinkling depends on which mirror I am looking into, the degree of lighting and how well my skin absorbed the moisturizing cream that day. Although I am mature in years, maturity is definitely not one of my virtues. If something strikes me as funny I get the giggles. Most of my family and many of our friends have a rather warped sense of humour-so I giggle a lot. Laughter plays an important role in our lives. My friends were a significant inspiration for me to begin my writing career. For the past number of years hubby and I have been spending part of the winter season in Florida to escape the sometimes bitter cold climate in Toronto Canada. Every year I send emails to those left behind. To my delight they find my emails to be hysterical and a cure for their winter doldrums. They compare my style of writing to that of the late Erma Bombeck. For those of you not familiar with the author-- she was a beloved American humorist in the 1970's and 1980's. I have loved literature and creative writing from an early age. I spent some of my growing up years in Alberta and won a prize for a best poem commemorating Alberta's bicentennial year. My grade seven teacher was a large and forceful woman, with white hair and course bristly white chin hairs to match. We were all intimidated by her and thus listened intently as she drilled us about parsing sentences and adverbs and adjectives. She provided me with a good basis of the English language. In addition to "Why Me" I have had a short essay published in a book of assorted memoirs by Canadian woman. I currently write for our Toronto Condominium newspaper. I hope to do more writing, although I am not sure if my family can cope with any more of my meltdowns when blocks of written material mysteriously disappear off of my computor. I admit I am computor and electronically challenged, but I will persevere. - - - - - - - - - - - Writing has been a passion of mine through out my life. Ever since I took a step forward and entered into the world of computers, a new world of opened up for me. I found myself engrossed in writing emails with lengthy updates about my life's recent highlights. To my delight, people found me...funny! I then offered to write for my condo newsletter, and I recently had a short memoir published. For the last several years I became glued to my computer, transferring my hand-written life adventure notes to an actual story of my life's defining moments. Finally, at the age of 69, I was done... I wrote a book! AND it's actually published. People are reading it. People are enjoying it. I am thrilled! Plus, it's one of the greatest gifts I could ever give my family. Talk about a dream come true. My advice to you: Think positive, keep your eye on the prize, and you too can enjoy as your dreams and desires come to fruition.
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2 Responses to Healthcare Facility, medical billing collection Agency, D and me

  1. Good morning, Elaine. Sorry to hear about this and boy, can I relate to this post. Collection agencies are a…well, I actually can’t think of anything bad enough to call them,. LOL. My husband is going around and around with one now. As for my own experience–I got a bill from collections for my cardiologist that I was paying on every month per an agreement. In fact, I’d paid them two payments for that month. I didn’t bother with the scummy collection agency. I called the doctor’s office directly and complained. After checking they said it was an error on their end and they’d take care of it. (which they did) But those collection agency letters can sure raise your blood pressure and stress hormones. The one who was hounding you was probably a scammer. There are plenty of those along with the legit ones. (I use legitimate lightly here) Be well, 🙂


  2. I’m so sorry you had to deal with this on top of the loss of your husband. Frustrating at the best of times – I’m glad that writing your story lightened the load!


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