Rejected for a Gap Visa—Why Me?

My daughter ,son in law and two  grand daughters drove from Canada to visit with me in Florida and also to escape the bitter cold. One day they took a break from swimming and baking in the sun {wearing sun screen of course } to do a little shopping. One of the shopping spots was the Gap where the girls chose a number of things for camp. It came time to pay and we were informed if we applied to open a Gap card we would get a discount. I volunteered to do so. We received the discount and I didn’t think any more of it–that is until today….

A letter came in the mail from a Florida Bank acknowledging a request for a credit program with Gap Visa. The letter went on to say that my request was reviewed and denied  because I did not score well compared with other applicants. The reason is  listed below.


Well!! I don’t like to question authority but I feel very much alive  most of the time. When I pinch myself it hurts and the last time I looked in the mirror I was there.

I was feeling 100 percent confident that I still exist until  this evening when I tried to respond to an Evite to a relatives wedding. I keyboarded in my first name and then my last name  and then I pressed submit.The screen flashed stating “No Match Found.” Even so I suspect I am still living on earth and I intend to convince the credit bureau of this fact.How many phone calls, swear words, emails and letters do you think it will take before either I get the issue resolved or  I am arrested for harassment?

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EP Snider’s dream came to fruition when she published a book at age 69. She continues to share her thoughts and stories with a humorous twist on Wordpress and Facebook.
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2 Responses to Rejected for a Gap Visa—Why Me?

  1. 😀 “giggles”, this is so not funny Elaine, but the way you write about it is very humorous. Especially about the credit bureau, Keep at them. It usually takes them about 90 days to make any corrections if you contact them once a week. Of course I’ve never had them declare me dead-might take some doing to convince them they’re wrong.


    • epsnider says:

      I am so tired of trying to rectify screw ups. I will admit some of the screw ups are mine but he majority are from banks, insurance companies, utility companies etc. Different individuals within the same company have different opinions and give conflicting information.Often they are located in a different country. “Why Me”?

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