doggie dynamics


My human parents referred to us as the  Boyz

They spoiled us with the best treats and toys.

The lake cottage in Muskoka  has been our home

Once we were three, but alas now I am alone

Boskoh the cute white Bishon was the oldest

He was always in trouble and was the boldest.

He hopped on chairs and tables to devour the food

and peed outside only when he was in the mood.

Mommy  and Daddy decided they needed another.

Little Dude a cockapoo became Boskoh’s brother.

Boskoh didn’t like sharing the attention with this  pest .

And to put it mildly  he was less than impressed .

But It didn’t take long for him to stop being mean

and the two were great friends when I entered the scene.

I am Stomp, a Goldiepoo  and gorgeous of course

My Gramma says  I am  as big as a  horse.

One winter when in the yard standing there

A passerby mistook me for a polar bear.

When  I arrived I was smaller than Boskoh and Dude

but I grew tall and strong  from all the good food

I used to love to romp and  run under the table

until one day I bonked my head and was no longer able.

Although my brothers were older than me

I intimidated them it was plain to see.

I scowled and growled to keep them in line

to insure that I was fed first at meal time.

Chairman Kaga, our city  cousin a Labradoodle

looks like a very large curly brown poodle .

When he came to visit he was basically ignored

If he initiated play we pretended to be bored.

The exception was Dude- when we weren’t around

he would  romp with his cousin and be a clown.

Dude recently left with Mom and Dad who were in tears

He went to join Boskoh who has been gone for two years

I am so lonely now. How  I miss those two guys

Please Kaga  come to the cottage, we have family ties.

I am sorry Kaga I was mean and it was a sin.

Please forgive me, cousin  because we are kin.


About epsnider

EP Snider’s dream came to fruition when she published a book at age 69. She continues to share her thoughts and stories with a humorous twist on Wordpress and Facebook.
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