I recently attended a family celebration. A large number  of the guests were young teens. A talented friend of my eldest grandson was hired to hand paint temporary tattoos. I decided to join the long lineup and get  tattooed.  Why would I do this? I guess for fun and to impress and amuse the grandchildren.

I asked the tattoo lady how long it would last. She said two weeks. but because of a combination of the background noise created by the DJ and the exuberant dancers and my aging ears, I heard two days. Hmm two days . Thats fine. I figured I could keep it covered for that short time, so my peers wouldn’t tsk tsk me or worse yet talk about me.

I chose a long stemmed red rose to be applied and painted on my collar bone. It was only a couple minutes before the news circulated around the room that the grandma had a tattoo. Everybody came to inspect and admire it. I felt like a celebrity.

I am getting quite attached and proud of that rose. I am  considering getting a permanent tattoo –maybe even  two or three or four  or more and maybe some body piercings . I might even buy a Harley, join a biker group and tour the country. Who says life can’t begin in the seventies!!


About epsnider

EP Snider’s dream came to fruition when she published a book at age 69. She continues to share her thoughts and stories with a humorous twist on Wordpress and Facebook.
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3 Responses to THE ROSE TATTOO

  1. mycatgrady says:

    Love it….but….we had quite the heated discussion at our last family dinner in May…both Steve and I said that we do not care for them, would perhaps suffer one or two small ones on anyone we were fond of but other than that, neither of us are fans. Then the discussion escalated into some (most) of the ones we have seen on so many (mostly) young people we have seen in our travels around the various Malls,Food Courts,Beaches, whatevers and those that we find most distasteful. Then the conversation morphed into getting a job for young people who are sporting some increasingly strange/offensive to our/business persons eyes… tatoos/piercings and other forms of body adornment. What can I say…it got quite heated, our daughther-in-law was most offended at what she calls the ability for anyone to dress/tatoo/genderidentify clothe etc.,in the manner in which they believe to be a personal choice…Steve said perhaps if they were in a life/business style that didn’t lead to much in the way of career, it was ok…as in musicians, Starbucks clerks etc., there was great offense taken by both she and our son….need I say more…it was really downhill after that…..


    • epsnider says:

      Heated family discussions are not necessarily a bad thing. A good way to vent and learn about our offsprings beliefs and ideas. Debating also stimulates the brain or so I have been told. Hopefully these heated discussions are just that and won’t interfere with normal family relationships. I find that there are such different goals and values between our generation and the next two generations down. i guess we have to learn to respect one another and agree to differ.


  2. mycatgrady says:

    No, of course no major fall out from the discussion, just very interesting in looking back and realizing the different generational attitude. C’est la vie for sure and particularly from the daughter-in-law who tends to be extremely politically correct and very quietly (mostly) only shows her disdain most of the time….it really became a ‘very’ verbal evening which was somewhat of a surprise.


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