I AM NOT ALONE–An uninvited guest

My family left Florida to go back to Toronto  after visiting with me for two weeks. It was an empty and lonely feeling after they departed. However I was soon preoccupied with laundry and getting the condo back into semi order. It didn’t help that the washing machine on my floor is broken as well as one of the elevators. It was time consuming  taking my washing down to another floor and back up to use the dryer.

I was also preoccupied with something else. Actually I was not really alone in my condo . I had a houseguest, albeit an uninvited one. A few days ago when I opened my beach bag a gecko jumped out and ran under my dresser and attached himself to the wall. I went to get my son, in the other room to help capture the little critter  but when we returned Little Geckie  had disappeared. He made a brief appearance the next night when he scurried across the hall to a closet and disappeared yet once again.

I googled Geckos and found out they they like warm steamy places. I started following instructions how to make a trap using a shoe box and hot wet paper towels. but I ran into a problem. I didn’t have a shoe box. I had a brilliant idea. I would go buy myself a new pair of shoes. Then I remembered the bad economy and our Candian dollar and changed my mind. So instead I taped two paper cups together and cut out a back door and a front door and  a window covered with glad wrap so Little Geckie could see out and I could see in. I furnished the inside with hot wet paper towels and a piece of cantaloupe.The paper towels  dried , the cantaloupe  shrivelled and I didn’t know where the hell Litle  Geckie was.

I also read that when geckos get upset or feel threatened they shed their tails and the tails keep wagging while the rest of the gecko scrambles away. Now I don’t mind seeing a gecko.They are kind of cute, but if I came across a wagging gecko tail minus the gecko that would really freak me out.

I was  hoping to capture Little Geckie and set him free in time for him to celebrate New Years with his family and friends, but unfortunately my aspirations were shattered . Little Geckies dehydrated body was found in the closet very close to the paper cup trap I had so lovingly prepared for him. I may use the trap for his coffin. He really was a cute little guy for a lizard. I feel like I let him down.


About epsnider

EP Snider’s dream came to fruition when she published a book at age 69. She continues to share her thoughts and stories with a humorous twist on Wordpress and Facebook.
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4 Responses to I AM NOT ALONE–An uninvited guest

  1. Ahhhh, poor little thing. But you certainly did all you could do for him. I had that experience with a little turtle many years ago. I was going to pick him up and put him out but heard a crash and went to check on my 10 month old son. When I came back he’d disappeared and I couldn’t find him until a year later and it wasn’t good.


  2. epsnider says:

    At the cottage we found a large turtle flipped on his back. My husband flipped him over and carried him to the water but the turtle came to life and started thrashing around nearly biting my husband. Mr. turtle flipped out of his hands bounced on the deck and flipped into the lake. We hope he survived the ordeal.

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