I am not superstitious but found the three following events that recently happened a little unnerving.

FIRST EVENT-A couple weeks ago I was at my local Florida flea market with relatives. The day was sunny and hot, albeit a a trifle humid. We were standing at a booth that sold watches and batteries.We were there  to buy new batteries for our old and ailing watches. Suddenly the beautiful blue sky was replaced with menacing black clouds, the winds roared and the clouds emptied their moisture in torrents. Things were flying every where. We were invited to come inside the booth, where we helped the vendors cover the displays with heavy plastic and then weighted the plastic down with bins filled with merchandise. The canopy and sides of the tent were shaking uncontrollably. The centre  pole that supported the whole structure  and was imbedded in a pail of concrete was wobbling precariously. As we tried to hold down the pole and swayed with it we were sure the whole thing was going to collapse on us. When I told my friend she said “ don’t you think that you are a little old to be a pole dancer.”  As suddenly as they appeared the menacing dark clouds disappeared and the blue sky was back .Birds started singing. and the rain stopped.We were unscathed except for ruined shoes and drenched apparel. We were unable to get replacement batteries for our ailing watches so they are still ailing–and to add insult to injury I ruined the watch I was wearing from all the water that it encountered.We later learned that tornadoes had touched down in surrounding areas.

SECOND EVENT-Yesterday evening. I returned home from a wonderful film “Apples in the Desert” I pushed the elevator button. One of the three elevators arrived to carry me to my floor. It was a very shaky and bumpy ride and when it arrived at my floor preparing to stop the shaking increased. It seemed like the elevator was possessed the lights overhead flickered and rattled  and the ceiling and walls shook so badly I thought it was going to collapse. When the doors opened I quickly ran out and thought I was going to collapse.I didn’t. I reported the malfunctioning elevator to security.

THIRD EVENT-After an enjoyable and delicious luncheon hosted by a friend and neighbour, I returned to my condo complex and went outside to chat with some of my neighbours before taking one of the two remaining working elevators up to my unit. Just as I was putting my key in the door, an ominous message came over the sound system. “There is a fire in your building .Vacate the building immediately taking the closest exit.” Having lived in high-rises in Toronto as well as Florida there have been many fire alarms, thankfully most of them turning out to be false. I decided to wait a bit to see if they would cancel the alarm, but the message kept repeating and I decided to walk down the 26 flights of stairs to the outside hoping my senior legs and knees wouldn’t fail me.I did have the presence of mind to take a damp hand towel in case I encountered smoke. There wasn’t any. I walked down 25 flights of stairs-just one more flight to go, when the announcement came on that it was a false alarm triggered by dust. We have renovations going on. Oh well It is better to be safe than sorry. Besides I hopefully worked off some of the calories from the cheesecake I had for dessert. I will see tomorrow how the knees and back handled the expedition.







About epsnider

E.P SNIDER is the pen name that I used to publish "WHY ME- a memoir". I used a pen name so as not to embarrass my spouse, my offspring, their offspring, my grand dogs and my friends. A dream came true when I had my first book published at the age of sixty-nine. "WHY ME? "is a collection of memoirs recounted from various stages of my life and the lives of those that I love or like at least some of the time. Most of the incidences are humorous-some are not. I am a senior but I feel more like a junior except for the aches and pains. When I look in the mirror I often see my mother or some other aging lady with wrinkles and sun spots. The amount and depth of wrinkling depends on which mirror I am looking into, the degree of lighting and how well my skin absorbed the moisturizing cream that day. Although I am mature in years, maturity is definitely not one of my virtues. If something strikes me as funny I get the giggles. Most of my family and many of our friends have a rather warped sense of humour-so I giggle a lot. Laughter plays an important role in our lives. My friends were a significant inspiration for me to begin my writing career. For the past number of years hubby and I have been spending part of the winter season in Florida to escape the sometimes bitter cold climate in Toronto Canada. Every year I send emails to those left behind. To my delight they find my emails to be hysterical and a cure for their winter doldrums. They compare my style of writing to that of the late Erma Bombeck. For those of you not familiar with the author-- she was a beloved American humorist in the 1970's and 1980's. I have loved literature and creative writing from an early age. I spent some of my growing up years in Alberta and won a prize for a best poem commemorating Alberta's bicentennial year. My grade seven teacher was a large and forceful woman, with white hair and course bristly white chin hairs to match. We were all intimidated by her and thus listened intently as she drilled us about parsing sentences and adverbs and adjectives. She provided me with a good basis of the English language. In addition to "Why Me" I have had a short essay published in a book of assorted memoirs by Canadian woman. I currently write for our Toronto Condominium newspaper. I hope to do more writing, although I am not sure if my family can cope with any more of my meltdowns when blocks of written material mysteriously disappear off of my computor. I admit I am computor and electronically challenged, but I will persevere. - - - - - - - - - - - Writing has been a passion of mine through out my life. Ever since I took a step forward and entered into the world of computers, a new world of opened up for me. I found myself engrossed in writing emails with lengthy updates about my life's recent highlights. To my delight, people found me...funny! I then offered to write for my condo newsletter, and I recently had a short memoir published. For the last several years I became glued to my computer, transferring my hand-written life adventure notes to an actual story of my life's defining moments. Finally, at the age of 69, I was done... I wrote a book! AND it's actually published. People are reading it. People are enjoying it. I am thrilled! Plus, it's one of the greatest gifts I could ever give my family. Talk about a dream come true. My advice to you: Think positive, keep your eye on the prize, and you too can enjoy as your dreams and desires come to fruition.
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  1. mycatgrady says:

    what a trial…


  2. epsnider says:

    my life is never dull


  3. 😀 Ha! How did your knees and bare hold up? Elaine, you can even make disasters hilarious. Loved this post.


  4. Why you? Hope your knees are OK; I have that problem too and more than a few flights would be a killer for me!
    PS I enjoyed “Why Me?” very much and posted a review on Amazon. 🙂

    Liked by 2 people

    • epsnider says:

      Thank you so much for posting a review on Amazon. Actually my knees are okay, but my back is complaining. I keep popping Tylenol and advil {like Motrin}which i am not supposed to take. This too shall pass -I hope.


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