I spent Valentines Day with Ben Vereen

Holidays are a hard time to be without loved ones. Valentines day is particularly hard to be without ones mate. It isn’t as if my husband and I went overboard in celebrating valentines day but it is a day for couples to be together and I was feeling a little down thinking about not having my other half  with me –so when a friend also widowed asked me if I was interested in getting a ticket to see Ben Vereen,  I said i was.

This talented  man was performing at the Aventura Cultural Centre in Florida. Seeing him brought back pleasant memories of fun times gone by. Seeing him  also left me momentarily feeling sad and melancholy.Years ago when Ben was just a young chap, hubby and I, along with a few other couples were in las vegas at the same  hotel where Vereen was staying.One of our travelling companions was a glamorous young woman with flaming red hair. Vereen seemed to be intrigued by her and when our paths crossed he always went out of his way to shmooze with her This very nice and dynamic lady whose hair colour changed frequently from fire engine red to strawberry blond to bright orange, and back to fire engine red, also recently passed away.

My feelings of sadness mainly dissipated when the concert was underway. Who can resist the allure of Ben Vereen. His voice and his performance earned him a standing ovation. He didn’t do too much dancing, perhaps because of his advancing age and the result of past injuries. Life wasn’t alway easy for him. When he was a young adult he discovered that he was adopted. He lost a d 16 year old daughter as a result of a car accident and  then suffered from depression and addiction to cocaine. In 1992 he suffered severe injures after being struck by a car.He thought his career was over. He did make a comeback in 1993. and continues to be a great entertainer . Kudos to you Ben Vereen.



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EP Snider’s dream came to fruition when she published a book at age 69. She continues to share her thoughts and stories with a humorous twist on Wordpress and Facebook.
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