When I am feeling a little blue, while I am sitting at my computer, I look out the window  enjoy the  view and dream of the past.  Today is a warm and sunny day. Has spring/summer finally arrived and is it here to stay? I sure hope so.

When I  look out I see nature and life and concrete and brick. In the far horizon, office buildings, apartment buildings  and colourful condos are silhouetted against the sky. Just a few years ago there were no high-rises, only single family homes,  vacant land and greenery greenery,  greenery. There is still greenery  surrounding me from the ravines, mini parquets and decades old treelined  residential streets. The roofs of houses peek out through the trees. Our family lived in one of these houses for close to fifty years. Some of  these old houses still remain, but many have been demolished and have been replaced  with more modern , monster homes. The charming bungalows with walkout basements to the ravines and the back splits and side splits are fast disappearing. Is this progress? I am not so sure.

Across the road from my condominium building is an apartment building. Lots of action seems to be going on there. People leaving and arriving at all times of day and night. occasionally a police car or medical response vehicle stops by. One man barbecues topless nearly every evening on his balconey  no matter what the temperature. I get cold just looking at him. I probably pass him frequently on the street but I wouldn’t recognize him with his shirt on.

To the right of  this building there is an elementary school and portables to handle the overflow of kids. I enjoy watching the kids coming and going and playing in the school yard. Some arrive on bikes and scooters or holding tightly on to a parents hand.There used to be a school across the road from our old house too. One of my kids used to wait for the bell to ring before leaving in the morning. She was often late.That school isn’t there anymore. It was recently torn down and is being replaced with executive family homes. I wonder where the kids living in these homes will go to school. Hmm. I guess they can be bussed somewhere to another part of the city or maybe to a country school.

On the other side of the apartments are community tennis courts. Today the players are mainly  in shorts and t shirts. Some of the people walking are wearing windbreakers, as it can be breezy and cool. There seems to be a wind tunnel which unfortunetly extends  to my  balcony. I have given up putting flowers or plants out there. They just blow over. Lots of dogs are being walked or pushed in their doggy strollers. They aren’t wearing their doggy sweaters, today so i guess the wind can’t be too cold.

It is so pretty and green and sunny outside. There is not a cloud in the sky. Why am I inside? I am going to take a walk and  meet a friend for an  iced coffee and do a little grocery shopping at my local mall. I  want to be back before dark to enjoy the view from the 9th floor of the beautiful sunset that occurs nightly. Later on I will enjoy watching fireworks as this is the Victoria Day Weekend. I hope everybody enjoys this weekend.










About epsnider

EP Snider’s dream came to fruition when she published a book at age 69. She continues to share her thoughts and stories with a humorous twist on Wordpress and Facebook.
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2 Responses to VIEW FROM THE 9TH FLOOR

  1. I so relate to your post. I never lived anywhere for 40-50 years, but everywhere I have resided has lost its green space. In Bogota our old house still stands, but surrounded on three sides by apartment and office buildings dwarfing the trees; another place, the field down the street where we used to walk the dog and enjoy wildflowers is now covered with McMansions behind fences.
    On the bright side this area of northern California had the foresight to set asides many acres of green space giving a semi-rural feel even though San Francisco is only 30 min. away (depending on the traffic!) I can still find my wildflowers! Take care.


  2. epsnider says:

    Enjoy those wildflowers!


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