Partial follow up to my Sleep study

A few days after my sleep study, I had an appointment with my doctor who informed me that I did indeed have mild to moderate sleep apnea. Since it didn’t seem to be a life threatening condition, I told my doctor there was no way I was going back. I didn’t sleep well and woke up groggy and headachy. I was upset that, the morning after the study I had to wait outside by myself for my lift to arrive at 6 A,M in the morning in an industrial plaza because the clinic closed earlier than the 7 o’clock advertised time.  I also didn’t like pulling  the sticky goop out of my hair that attached the electrodes to my scalp.

My doctor sympathized with me, or so I thought. After commiserating with me for a couple of minutes she insisted I finish the procedure. She had done  extensive research on the health benefits of CPAP machines for those who need it, especially seniors. I like and trust my doctor so I begrudgingly agreed to the next step. I procrastinated for a long time but finally made an appointment for the next step.  The next step was a brief visit with a respiratory specialist, followed by a technologist instructing  me on the use of a CPAP machine and fitting me with a mask. I was given a trial machine for 6 weeks. I am trying to adjust to sleeping with my new companion.The interaction between me and the CPAP  will be the subject of my next blog.

I am booked next week for the final  step of the sleep study. I am going back to the sleep clinic for an overnight, this time to be studied while I sleep hooked up  to CPAP to see if my sleep pattern has improved. Stay tuned for the next episode.



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EP Snider’s dream came to fruition when she published a book at age 69. She continues to share her thoughts and stories with a humorous twist on Wordpress and Facebook.
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7 Responses to Partial follow up to my Sleep study

  1. So many people I know are supposed to wear those things. My brother actually uses his, but my friend says she does not because she feels like to can’t breath very well with it on and it’s uncomfortable. I’ll be looking forward to hearing about your experience, Elaine.


  2. mycatgrady says:

    Hi Elaine,
    Am interested in this experience of yours, I don’t need it but my husband Steve HAS to use the CPap and has been using it faithfully for about two plus years. He sleeps much better, I feel less ‘frightened’ which is a definite plus..He said the sleep study wasn’t too bad and I’m thankful he actually got around to having it done and the fact that he stopped SNORING..enough to wake the ‘proverbial dead’…it was a huge problem to sleep in the same room. We have separate bedrooms at home (since their aren’t any kids at home for a number of years, but still even when traveling and staying in Hotels it was a dreadful experience) Neither one of us slept well for years on our various trips..I was awake many nights listening to him snore and then panic when I would hear the breathing suddenly stop, and would wake him up…etc., etc….It’s not something to take lightly so I highly recommend you do the all the follow ups they ask you to do. It’s a nuisance but a necessary one!
    (btw…they are easy to travel with which is a bonus)



  3. epsnider says:

    I think my mate also had sleep apnea but never checked into it. That would have been next on his list


  4. I’m following this with interest as I have my pre-sleep study appt. on Friday and have the same reservations you had. I’m not aware of any great problem other than I fall asleep every afternoon ( or if I’m in a situation where I cannot I go “brain dead!”) I really don’t want to wear a CPap, but I have heard there are new alternatives – I guess these were not discussed with you? (Maybe too preliminary).


    • epsnider says:

      Hi Cinda, hope your apointment goes well. I am aware there is a dental thing a ma jig, a nose something or other and surgery is available to correct sleep apnea. My doctor seems to be pushing the Cpap machine to her “past the prime of their lives patients.” Hmm I wonder if she owns stock in the company!
      I have a friend who can fall asleep anywhere in the afternoon. She considers it a blessing. She wakes up refreshed, while the rest of us drag through the rest of the day.


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