Irma, Irma go away. Calm yourself down. take a dip in the ocean and stay there. There is enough heartbreak and suffering in the world without you adding to it.

I am a snowbird. I have been receiving  emails and telephone calls from the management company of the condo complex where our family owns a unit. Daily updates on the status of Irma are provided as well as advice on hurricane preparation in case Irma targets Florida and in particular our area. There is an evacuation order. Not everybody follows orders. The conscientious lady who checks my condo put rolled up towels under windows, the sliding doors and under the refrigerator as recommended and then she went back to her apartment to wait out the storm with her elderly husband.I spoke to her. She says they have no where to go. She is  not worried and feels safe. I pray she is correct. I also have friends living in the threatened zones. I  pray for their safety too. I pray for everybody to be safe.

My thoughts go back to October 2005 when  Hurricane Wilma, an intense tropical cyclone slammed into South Florida. We were in Toronto at the time. We arrived to the sometimes Sunshine state a couple of months later and couldn’t believe the devastation in our area. The roof of our building was badly damaged and the rooftop air conditioning unit flew off and landed in someones condo. Hurricane shutters and balcony cages disappeared.. Patio furniture flew off, becoming dangerous missiles that caused further damage. The roof of the recreation hall was lifted and the public library a few blocks away was levelled. It took ten years for it to be rebuilt,–And the trees, the beautiful large  century old trees were uprooted and scattered about.

It has been 12 yeas since Wilma unleashed her fury and our condo complex has not been the same since. We were once a beautiful, close knit and comparable  community, but not any more. The buildings were under insured, and there was no reserve fund. Many owners did not have hurricane insurance. As a result a heavy assessment was necessary. Many couldn’t afford the extra expense and  walked away from their property causing extra expense for those who stayed. There was water damage left behind as well as mold and mildew. These issues  hasn’t been properly addressed. Every body blames everybody else for this unfortunate situation. We cant seem to find a compatible board and we have leans against the property from fired contractors. Condo owners are hoping that within a  couple of years we will have gotten our act together and to borrow a phrase from your president who some  of you may still admire–We will make our complex great once again.

However if Hurricane Irma targets us  we will be back to square one or much further back. So please Irma leave us alone .I wish all those in your path to be safe.





About epsnider

EP Snider’s dream came to fruition when she published a book at age 69. She continues to share her thoughts and stories with a humorous twist on Wordpress and Facebook.
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  1. How did your area survive. Hoping your condo came through without a scratch this time. Watching the disaster in Puerto Rico is heart breaking. Seems like it has been disaster season in the last yr or so.


  2. epsnider says:

    The condo is fine. some damage to the swimming pool and air-conditioning units. We were lucky. Unbelievable how hostile Mother nature has been this year. Natural disasters and disasters precipitated by mankind is over whelming.


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