NIAGARA FALLS and Falls View casino

This week I  took a day trip to Fallsview Casino arranged by residents of a nearby condo building. The cost was five dollars and included our round trip on a chartered bus, including a tip for  the bus driver as well as water and snacks for the bus. As if this wasn’t  enough of a bargain once we reached our destination we were given a ten dollar voucher by Fallsview for use in the casino to entice us to gamble.

The drive from Toronto, Ontario to the Falls took about an hour and a half. I was looking forward to the scenery especially the fall colours on the trees and shrubbery. But alas although the leaves were changing ,  they lacked he usual lustre and  vibrant coloration of previous years. The poor trees were confused. They didn’t know what season it was. We experienced a very rainy and cold summer followed by an unseasonably hot September and October.

The colour  and excitement of the casino made up for the dullness of the trees. Over the years the number of slot machines have grown. The bells and whistles and sounds emitted from them have increased in volume and frequency, while the payoffs have decreased in frequency and amounts. A one cent machine isn’t really a  one cent machine. it is often a fifty or more cent machine because most times you have to play a minimum of fifty lines for each bet. To make matters worse it often states to qualify for the jackpots you must bet the Maximum amount. This can add up to many dollars.

I lost my ten dollar voucher quickly, followed by further losses. Most of our group were losers. There were a couple of winners but of course the casino was the biggest winner.

For my friends and me the nicest part of the day was lunch and taking a break from the casino to sit outside and admire the beautiful serene Falls. October 18, 2017 was reminiscent of a warm and sunny summer day. There was a light breeze,  birds were chirping and squirrels were dashing about. Young couples in love were holding hands and admiring the  famous Niagara Falls.

Would I go again to Fallsview Casino even hough i lost some money. You bet I would.

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5 Responses to NIAGARA FALLS and Falls View casino

  1. I’ve always wanted to see Niagara Fall and next year we plan to see the fall colours back east — assuming the climate cooperates. The few “autumn” trees we have here in northern California are just starting to show some colour. Casinos, not so much, but when dragged along I do like the video poker – and they do have better odds than the slots.


  2. epsnider says:

    I used to play 3 card poker or Blackjack but the minimum bets are now too high for me to be comfortable with. I am looking outl my window in Toronto and the colours are changing now. Normally at this time the leaves would be vibrant red, orange and yellows


  3. Good post. I like how the line about the trees seeming confused. Funny. Sounds like a cool experience and well worth the slot losses. 🙂

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  4. mycatgrady says:

    Loved the story…have gone to a casino in Florida (actually part of the Gulfstream Racetrack)…went the horse races and spent a bit of time with the Slot Machines….didn’t win anything at either place. I am not fond of either activity but it was a pleasant way to spend an afternoon! as long as you’re not planning/thinking about winning tons of money it’s a harmless way to spend some time


  5. epsnider says:

    I have fun at Gulfstream Casino. As long as one can control the amount they are prepared lose and not go with the objective of breaking the bank.


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