Goodbye 2017 Hello 2018

Fairwell 2017. Hello 2018. Hello to a new beginning.

I am a snowbird and spent most of the last month of 2017 in a Canadian deep freeze. I am in Florida now. The week before I came I was sick and also dealing with a sore back.I was also in shock as were most Torontonians when a high profile couple were found strangled in their home. Around the same time as this tragedy a friend of mine lost her husband suddenly. 2017 certainly did not end on a high note for me.

The day before my departure there were weather warnings of record breaking cold temperatures, massive snow storms and hazardous driving conditions. Schools cancelled their classes. Would our flight also be cancelled? My travel companions were afraid of poor road conditions so we booked our limo service to the airport much earlier than we ordinarily would have under normal conditions.

It turned out that the weather wasn’t so bad.The highways were snow free and the traffic was light. I guess people were afraid to travel. Thus we arrived at the airport in record time and we had hours to amuse ourselves -not an easy task at this location. After spending so much time at the airport we could have missed our flight because the wrong gate was stamped on our boarding pass. We didn’t discover this until shortly before take off. Thus we were forced to take a not so leisurely stroll to the opposite end of the terminal.

Oh I forgot to mention that I was randomly chosen to be tested for drugs when I went through security. Or was it random? Maybe i look like a drug addict or a pusher. The airport photo taken at checkin made me look more like a gangster than a drug smuggler.

The seats allotted to us were middle and window seats. We were not happy we wanted aisle seats. We were able to change our seats. i sat next to a very interesting lady, a ballerina from Venezuela who gave up her career to become a wife to a Toronto man and a mother to their five children. My friends sat next to a sometimes crying baby, albeit an adorable one.

When we arrived in Florida the weather was warm and sunny. That didn’t last long. The Floridians, as usual blamed the Canadians for bringing the cold air with them. They are probably right. We canadians like to share.

My ears were hurting from the flight and when I entered the condo, my poor ears were subjected to high pitched intermittent beeps emanating every three minutes from the smoke detector.It took a long time to remove the battery and find a replacement for it. Most other things were working except the televisions and a toilet seat that kept falling off.The newspaper that was supposed to be delivered wasn’t.It is very quiet at the condo complex A lot of the permanent residents have left to visit their families for the holidays and most of the snow birds haven’t arrived as yet. But that is okay. I am looking forward to some quiet time. Time to read and time to write.

I wish everyone a good year– a year of peace, good health, laughter and joy. Let this be a year, that is overflowing with good stuff leaving no room for the bad.

About epsnider

EP Snider’s dream came to fruition when she published a book at age 69. She continues to share her thoughts and stories with a humorous twist on Wordpress and Facebook.
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1 Response to Goodbye 2017 Hello 2018

  1. LOL Elaine, you can make even a bad time interesting and humorous. So happy for you being out of the cold. I have been wishing I was still in Daytona Beach with these sub zero temps. Hate the cold. Enjoy the warm weather, Elaine.


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