Lost and Found-The LADY on the BENCH

I found my homeless acquaintance. Two years ago when I was in Florida I came across a senior with shiny white hair and a beautiful smile sitting on a bench outside a department store where numerous buses came and went.{see my wordpress blog The lady in the Van and the lady on the bench} Her belongings a sleeping bag and numerous bags were in a shopping cart beside her bench. Although she was frail, shivering and in poor health, she was clean and well groomed.When i spoke to her it was obvious that she was well educated and seemed to have had a decent upbringing.

The bus hub was moved to a garage in the mall and the bench, the shopping cart and my lady disappeared. Last season due to a fall and a broken arm I was only in Florida for a week and never saw her, but I thought of her often.

I am currently in Florida. A few days ago I went to shop for groceries and lo and behold there she was sitting outside the super market in a different mall- her belongings in a shopping cart beside her.I sat down to chat with her.She said she remembered me and seemed pleased to see me.I was also pleased to see her and pleased to see that she seemed to be in better health and in good spirits.She told me similar tales from two years ago about stolen identity and attempts by her lawyers and detectives trying to recover it. She also said she recently bought an apartment that was stolen from her. The nights were cold and i asked her where she was sleeping. She said she sometimes slept at a friends house when he was out of town but didn’t like to sleep there when he was in town because he made unwelcome advances to her.Other nights she spent at a shelter or a bus terminal. She prefers the bus terminal because there are guards around the clock who are nice to her and she says there is less chance of theft.She spends most of her mornings outside the supermarket and her afternoons riding the buses. Some of the buses in the area are courtesy buses and I assume for the other buses she has a bus pass from social services.

I asked her if I could get her anything or give her some money to buy something. Unlike in the past she declined my offer, thanked me and said she was fine.It was nice to see her. Whatever her story and circumstances are, she seems to know the ins and outs of living on the street.Good luck my friend.

About epsnider

EP Snider’s dream came to fruition when she published a book at age 69. She continues to share her thoughts and stories with a humorous twist on Wordpress and Facebook.
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6 Responses to Lost and Found-The LADY on the BENCH

  1. I love that you sat down beside her. Maybe all she needed was the compassion and friendliness you gave her. Very cool! #yayme

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  2. mycatgrady says:

    How wonderful to read this… really heartwarming…will call you soon about getting together…sooner rather than later.. pearlD

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  3. mycatgrady says:

    No…made a mistake..will correct..


  4. Yes best wishes to her and thank you for taking time to chat with her.

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