After yet another school shooting, this time at Douglas High in Parkland Florida, teenagers are taking action. The survivors of the massacre are speaking out. They have held rallies, and in an effort to implement change, they boarded buses to Tallahassee to demand tougher gun control from law makers. They are supported by students at other schools and support continues to grow.

Go Students Go.

The adults have failed you. They have failed to keep you safe. They have failed to protect you in your schools. They have failed to rid society of guns. They have failed to recognize mental illness in individuals and have failed identify and take appropriate acton against those who are an immediate threat to themselves and others. They have been unable to curb bullying. Hopefully you can succeed where others before you have failed.

Adults do you think you are safer if you own a gun? Guns kill. An intruder can take your weapon out of your control and use it against you. A young child perhaps your precocious, adorable son or daughter will find your gun in the house or car and inadvertently kill or maim themselves or others. Could you live with the guilt and sorrow? If your gun somehow gets into the wrong hands it could be used in another mass massacre. An easily accessible gun in a moment of rage or in a moment of mistaken identity or in a case of misinterpreting a situation, could be fired causing death or injury. I don’t imagine it would be any fun to spend the rest of ones life in prison or on deaths row. Many accidental deaths and suicides are the result of gun fire.

if guns were banned or restricted to those in law enforcement, guns would not be needed for protection. AS an alternative, perhaps taser guns, rubber bullets or pepper spray could be used as a safer form of protection.

Young People, do not give up your goal. Help make the schools and the world a safer and better place. Good luck to you. We support you.

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EP Snider’s dream came to fruition when she published a book at age 69. She continues to share her thoughts and stories with a humorous twist on Wordpress and Facebook.
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  1. mycatgrady says:

    ‘Well said’ Elaine..”GUNS have no place in Schools or for that matter being carried around however well hidden, in our society. The NRA in the United States is perpetuating a ‘myth’ that ones’s ability to have a gun for personal/property defense, it’s ludicrous and beyond fantasy to think you can rely on your personal safety by having a gun in your possession…We have Police, they are armed for ‘your’ protection, they are far more trained than you could ever be, hopefully they come to our defense when we need them. Sorry, I don’t support ‘hunters’, it’s not a game/skill, it’s a ‘life’ you are can buy your ‘meat’ at a Supermarket…being in possesion of a weapon for your own/family safety is also something that is not required in this day and age, why chance ‘fate’ that a gun could just as easily kill you or your loved ones if held by yourself against a thief…I am totally opposed to citizens arming themselves against intruders and as for ‘hunting’ for meat (or thrill)…get over it, go to the Supermarket . We have an Armed Forces, they are the only ones to protect us in the time of military necessities and hopefully that is not something North Americans encounter in their day to day living…Guns belong ONLY to those who are trained to use them, not your neighbor, your husband or the kid down the street who may or may not have mental issues..


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