It was worth the drive to Alabama Jacks

Four of us had an interesting and fun filled day in Florida even though an inordinate amount of time was spent sitting in traffic.


I was invited to accompany, friends for lunch at Alabama Jacks in Key Largo Florida. It was estimated that the drive to get to our destination would be roughly an hour and a half. It was estimated wrong. It took us over three hours to arrive. We thought it would be nice to take the scenic route along U S 1 instead of I-95. It was. nice. We drove past so many distinct areas- residential, business, industrial and rural. some posh , some very posh, some not so posh and some desolate. The scenery varied from magnificent to depressing. We passed some places that had been affected by the damaging winds of Irene.

Our driver with a straight face but with a twinkle in his eye kept insinuating that he wasn’t sure how to get there or even if the restaurant still existed, Was he serious? Even his wife who stated that he had a wonderful sense of direction and never got lost began to have doubts.that we would find the restaurant. But we of little faith. He knew exactly where he was going and Alabama Jacks was still there.

This unique, and lively, beach bar open air eatery, overlooks a canal and attracts a very varied clientele. Celebrities such as Kathy Lee Giffard frequent this establishment. Bikers, tourists, locals and birds- yes birds- also flock here. I enjoyed the ambiance, the food featuring a lot of seafood and unique cuisine. Entertainment was provided by a singer/guitar player, who I suspect was the owner or manager of this large family run restaurant. He came around to each

We left Key Largo shortly after 3 pm .We took a shortcut and expected to be home around 5 o’clock. .Well we were wrong again.Traffic was bumper to bumper and movement was almost non existent. We didn’t reach home until after 7 P.M. On route we stopped for a delicious and badly needed coffee at Dunkin Donuts. We were in awe of the magnificent buildings we passed in Miami and Miami beach. It was like being on an architectural tour, albeit a very slow moving one. We sat in the car beside an old Protestant church for nearly 15 minutes

It was a good day. Good company, good weather, good food, good entertainment good conversation and fun fun fun. If you are looking to do a different day trip go to Alabama Jacks but be prepared for a long drive and possibly heavy traffic.

About epsnider

EP Snider’s dream came to fruition when she published a book at age 69. She continues to share her thoughts and stories with a humorous twist on Wordpress and Facebook.
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1 Response to It was worth the drive to Alabama Jacks

  1. mycatgrady says:

    I managed to lose a reply to your lovely ‘travel story’ don’t know how I do this on a regular basis…I think my logging in on 2 other items (Phone and Tablet) has something to do with it…so forgive me..
    I loved your ‘trip’ down to the Keys and have been wanting to do it for several years…perhaps we’ll do it this coming year…Hope to catch up with you in the not too distant future and hope all is well in your little corner of ‘the north country’…


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