An Intro

Welcome to my blog.

After self-publishing ” Why Me? -a memoir‘, I was pleasantly surprised by the wonderful feedback. Some even compared my style of writing  to that of the late humorist, Erma Bombeck, one of my favourite authors.  Encouraged by this, I decided to continue writing but this time posting significant — and insignificant — life incidences as they occur.

This is a collection of short and mainly humorous memoirs  where I  laugh at myself and those that I love or like at least some of the time. Now you can laugh with us, or at least with me.

Things seem to happen in our family. 
Mr. Murphy has a strong influence on our lives.
We tend to live according to his law:
Whatever can go awry, will.

I am sure you will find yourself relating to many of the incidents, because Mr. Murphy tends to interfere in all of our lives.


I love getting feedback… so please,  if you read, post a comment. 🙂


1 Response to An Intro

  1. Erma Bombeck is one of my favorites too!


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