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Update on my multi fractured upper arm

It has been five and a half long and painful months since I did a fancy and convoluted trip over my suitcase resulting in a broken limb.. It is a gradual and  ongoing healing process. I am learning to live … Continue reading

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Stomp –a tribute to a special dog by his family

Wouldn’t be nice for those terminally ill or in perpetual chronic pain to have the opportunity to choose a sendoff like this surrounded by  loved ones.                                   … Continue reading

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NEW ORLEANS– my trip to this vibrant city and some New Orleans trivia

A couple years ago I Went with some friends on a mini vacation to Chicago. The trip was a huge success and we vowed that we would travel to New Orleans in the near future. The near future came. One of … Continue reading

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Cottage is Sold

Things change and our wonderful cottage full of memories gathered over the years has been sold.It is a bitter sweet moment for me. My wish for the new owners is that they will create new memories of their own and … Continue reading

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Orphaned Black Bear Cub

What does the future hold for this black bear cub?  Some call him Leo. This cute little bear  has adopted  this waste disposal site and surrounding area as his summer home. He has no trouble scaling the chain fence or … Continue reading

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Me and my new room mate – a follow up to my follow up of my sleep study

My new sleeping partner is a Cpap machine. I  will call him Pappy. I think Pappy is a long lost relative of Sesame Street’s Snuffelufffagus. He has a long long nose. Cpap machines are usually the choice for the treatment … Continue reading

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Partial follow up to my Sleep study

A few days after my sleep study, I had an appointment with my doctor who informed me that I did indeed have mild to moderate sleep apnea. Since it didn’t seem to be a life threatening condition, I told my … Continue reading

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