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“Books, like music and art, have the power to inspire new thoughts and perspectives, and to challenge or consolidate our own experiences. As readers, we relate to the viewpoints and ideas that connect most closely to our own lives. Elaine Snider has created a delightful interlude for us to use as a diversion in our busy, hectic and sometimes demanding daily lives. With Why Me? in one hand and a favored drink in the other, this book will bring a smile and a giggle on everyone’s lips. Elaine Snider takes us along as she journeys through time revisiting different stages in her family’s life and history, contemplating friends and friendships, and enjoying sights and experiences with them all. She clearly has the ability to deflect potentially awkward or sad moments with humour and wisdom. She reminds us that the most important thing in life is to savor every moment, no matter how up or down it becomes”

Marilyn Herbert
Director, Bookclub-in-a-Box


I don’t often read memoirs, but, now I will definitely read more! With finesse, flair and a great deal of humor, E.P. Snider chronicles her life so that the reader wants to follow her on her journey. Filled with heartbreak, happiness and hope, “Why Me?” had me both laughing out loud and crying. From her family and dogs to various trips around the globe, hilarious mishaps and friendship with The Pickled Lilies, I didn’t want the story to end. But when it did, I was completely satisfied. This is a wonderful book and one I highly recommend.

Samantha Stroh-Bailey
Perfect Pen Communications


A fun, light-hearted read with tongue-and-cheek humour that often had me gasping and laughing out loud, “Why Me?” is an exceptional story that captures the essence of life through many time periods.  Ellen’s insight about her family’s history, coupled with her explanations and timely use of Yiddish words and phrases hit home perfectly, helping me understand and appreciate my own roots, while triggering cherished memories of my own to surface. I thoroughly enjoyed this book and highly recommend it for your next read.” 

Jeffrey Kippel
Publisher, FAME Media Group Inc


If you enjoy reading a book filled with the ups and downs in the great adventure of life, written in a delightfully open, refreshing and humorous style than this one is for you. Don’t hesitate-you will enjoy this personal trip down memory lane and may even catch a glimpse of a friend or relative of yours along the way-maybe even of yourself!

Gail P


WHY ME? a memoir  is one of those rare books you want to read in one sitting. Funny, enjoyable, insightful… A really good read. Recommended to all those who take life too seriously.  Inspiring too because despite one-finger typing, EP persevered and made her dreams to be a published author come true!

Mindy Heather
FAME World Tour, Producer


Having known the author for a a very long time, all of the stories in the book are TRUE!! Some of the names have been slightly changed to protect the innocent, but it’s a great read! She had a unique style of writing which makes it even more interesting.
If you need a good laugh, this book is for you. (And the price is to right——–go for it)



“Ellen’s memoir is a candid and heartfelt tale of her ups and downs. She shares highlights and lowlights with a lighthearted wit. A pleasure for all to read and an extra special gift to be cherished by her children and grandchildren.”

Liz Pearl
Editor PK Press


Lots of chuckles!!!!! A must read. You will shake your head and find Yourself in many moments of this book!!!



A GREAT LEGACY!  E.P. Snider is a great success story for those who enjoy journaling and who have ever considered spending the time editing, rewriting and polishing their work for others to enjoy. Like others who have read her memoir, it will make you laugh and cry! It is a wonderful result of lifelong writing and a great legacy for her family. It is comforting to know that her great, great, great grandchildren and their future families will always have a way to enjoy E.P. and Daniel for years to come through her writing. The book is a wonderful inspiration for others and a great read!

Lee Writer

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    Thank you Cindy for visiting my blog and reading the memoir review for ‘’’why Me”


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